RINO amsterdam

RINO amsterdam is an Amsterdam based organisation that provides inspiration and education for professionals in the field of mental health.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of professionals working in mental health care, by means of various types of training and education.

Masterclass in English

Once in a while we invite or faciliate international experts to share their knowledge by giving a masterclass in English at our location in Amsterdam, Leidseplein 5. In the promblock on the left on this page we display these masterclasses. 

Learning Labs

RINO amsterdam and ehealth specialists are combining their expertise in a new and inspiring concept: the online Learning Labs, to enhance your online skills as a therapist. The Learning Labs are hands-on; at least half of the lab will be spend on practicing online skills under the guidance of the world’s most influential specialists. All Learning Labs are in English, due to the focus on international speakers and audience.

  • Accreditation

    Most of our courses have been accredited by the relevant registration committees for the various professions, e.g. the health care psychologists. A number of courses have been accredited by the specialist psychotherapy associations, the Dutch Association for Psychiatry and the National Association for General Practitioners.

    For more information about accreditation, please contact Lies Ruiter.

  • Focus

    The RINO provides its services to the various professionals working for mental health care organisations or in their own practice: (health care) psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, (social) psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, creative therapists, social workers, occupational psychologists and general practitioners.

    The RINO also organizes specialised courses for professionals working with children, adolescents, and their parents, at organisations for ambulatory and clinical child care.

    The RINO has developed unique training programs about the implementation of psychotherapeutic concepts and techniques for organisational advisors, coaches and counsellors.

    The RINO offers courses from various frames of reference: (social) psychiatry, behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic thinking, systemic therapy etc.

  • Methods

    The transfer of knowledge may be characterized as multi-methodological: the acquisition of knowledge is combined with the development of practical skills and a professional attitude. The training programmes are focused on practical implementation of knowledge and skills. Participants are, as it were, invited to ‘bring their work into the classroom’.

    Much attention is paid to both scientific research and to what is considered ‘best professional practice’.

    Within the courses and training programmes much emphasis is placed on the combination of professional and personal development.


    Our courses and training programmes are organised in a range of formats: from one-day workshops to four-year programmes.

    We see our main task as that of intermediary: creating optimal conditions for the best possible transference of knowledge. RINO is therefore largely dependent upon its team of teachers and trainers. We are proud to be working with a group of over 250 top specialists in the field of mental health care.

  • Cooperation

    The RINO has an extensive network within which we cooperate with a large number of partners, such as the two Amsterdam universities; the advisory board to the Minister of Health on issues of training and continuing education; many mental health care organisations and educational organisations.

    We also cooperate closely with the various specialist professional associations.

    Community mental health care in the Czech Republic.

    The RINO cooperates with GGZ Nederland and the Netherlands School for Public and Occupational Health in the MATRA III project in the Czech Republic.

    This three-year project, for which a grant has been provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supports further humanization and de-institutionalisation of mental health care in the CR through the development of an education system. The project seeks to provide the relevant professions (nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and managers) and mental health care organisations with an extensive knowledge of innovative mental health theories, skills and attitudes. RINO experts participate in the various phases of the project: analysis, module development, testing, evaluation and implementation.

    PsychoREScue: European Leonardo Project

    Six countries are involved in this European funded, two-year project in which a training curriculum will be developed for a new type of professional: the Psychiatric Community Worker. Participants come from Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Latvia, the United Kingdom (Scotland) and the Netherlands (represented by the RINO). We expect to cooperate closely with the Dutch Expertise Centre on Rehabilitation when the time comes to implement the results of the project.

    Other activities

    The RINO is also involved in a number of educational activities in Suriname, especially those focused around Infant Mental Health Care and around a training program aimed at the broad range of professionals (religious leaders, schoolteachers, police workers, social workers etc.) who provide counselling to youngsters who have attempted suicide.

  • History

    The RINO was founded in 1986 as one of the seven Regional Institutions for Continuing Education and Training (RINO) in the GGZ. The regional character disappeared quite quickly and the RINOs started offering their expertise outside their regional borders. Now more than 20 years later, the RINO is a nationally operating trainings institute with more than 300 courses and programs, a large group of enthusiastic instructors, and students from all over The Netherlands.

    In addition to the RINO there are still two other RINOs, the RINO Zuid in Eindhoven (formerly in Maastricht) and the RINO-groep in Utrecht. The word groep (group) in the name refers to the merging of the RINOs in Utrecht, Nijmegen and Rotterdam several years ago. What the RINOs have to offer overlaps slightly, but they all set themselves apart with distinguishing points. Our RINO has, for example, a number of distinct points of focus, among them are diagnostics and treatment of children, youth and their parents and the broad category of elderly care.

    Although the course list has gotten larger and broader over the years and priorities have shifted, the function and objective of the RINO have remained the same. The RINO continues to honor its mission statement by offering rich and varied course possibilities and programs.