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Suicide prevention

Learning Lab by dr. Ad Kerkhof

1 day online course
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Course taught in English

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Almost half of all patients in mental health care suffer from suicidal ideation in any given measure of severity. As such it is one of the most prevalent disorders to date. However, suicide prevention is not taught in undergraduate or postgraduate curricula, and therefore many clinicians start at an incompetent skills level. Quite a number of clinicians are traumatised after suicides among their clients. This course aims at augmenting clinician's skills levels to professional standards in suicide prevention / psychotherapy of suicidal patients.

Course structure

Starting with an overview of the basic psychological mechanisms in the etiology of suicidal behaviour, the course offers intervention skills based on thorough assessment of the suicidal process as it unfolds. Course participants will anonimously bring their suicidal patients into the course, and the skills training is directed towards participants' actual suicidal cases. Role playing will be a significant part of the course, aside to actual online demonstrations of the trainer. Participants are requested to study the course manual beforehand.

Psychological treatments

Clinical guidelines all emphasize the suicidal process in itself as the main focus for treatment, aside to the treatment of depression, ASS, OCD, etc. This requires psychological interventions aside to farmacological interventions that do not give patients sufficient protection. Only psychological treatments can help patiens to keep themselves safe. Therefore attention will be given to: hopelessness, entrapment, worrying, obsessive pre-occupation, perceived burdensomeness, experience avoidance, safety protocolling, suicidal intrusions, autistic features, bordeline aspects, and the like.

Course objectives

Participants will be able to assess and treat suicide risk at a professional level.

Target audience

Clinicians working with suicidal patients: psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, specialised nurses

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Ad Kerkhof is klinisch psycholoog (BIG) en emeritus hoogleraar aan de Vrije Universiteit.

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