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Prolonged (imaginal) exposure: Boost your therapeutic PE skills online

Learning Lab by Agnes van Minnen

2 day online course
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Course offered in English

Virtual classroom | Online | EDUCATION

The aim of this Learning lab is to enable you to implement Prolonged Exposure treatment for PTSD effectively and immediately in an online setting. Prolonged exposure is world-wide one of the first-line guideline recommended treatments for PTSD, but is generally underused in clinical practice, mainly because training options are scarce.

This 2-day Learning Lab aims to make therapists more proficient in applying prolonged exposure. Existing skills will be refined and challenging situations discussed and practised. However the focus of the workshop is skill development. The Learning Lab will begin with an explanation of prolonged exposure and the underlying working mechanism. Skills in both imaginal exposure and exposure-in-vivo will be trained, and its combination, called deepeend extinction.

Course structure

The Learning Lab follows the action learning method. After describing a case example the trainers will do a live demonstration of the skill. Furthermore you will, in pairs, rehearse the skill experiencing it both as clinician and client; and last you will be given the opportunity to apply the skill to a current case, before discussing this case with a fellow participant.

Course objectives

After completing this course the participant is able to explain the rationale of Prolonged Exposure to the client, and can apply imaginal exposure, exposure in vivo and its combination to PTSD-clients.

Target audience

Psychologists, any level.

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Mw. prof.dr. A. van Minnen (Agnes) - docenten - 881170317

Agnes van Minnen, PhD, is professor in the field of the treatment of anxiety disorders and fear regulation at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

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