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Online Group Therapy

Learning Lab by Haim Weinberg PhD

online course 2 evenings, 19:00h-22:00h
€ 295,-
Course offered in English


The current Corona crisis forces many therapists to move their practice online without enough preparation or knowledge about online therapy. Group therapists experience it as especially difficult to move from the circle to the screen, since it feels more complicated to find the appropriate platform, to get acquainted with the technical options, and to understand the obstacles that face the online group therapist. This intensive course will give the group therapist the basic knowledge of how to lead online groups, and some understanding of how to overcome the challenges in doing internet groups using video.

course structure

The Learning Lab combines theoretical and practical perspectives and includes some experiential parts.

course objectives

At the end of the Learning Lab, the participant will be able to:

  • State the impact of the lack of the body on Internet delivered therapy.
  • Apply ethical considerations to leading online groups.
  • Compare online and face-to-face (f2f) therapy.
  • Identify ways to develop presence online.
  • State some research finding about online therapy groups.
  • Identify obstacles in leading online groups.

course references

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Participants should be registered mental health professionals (registered in the Dutch BIG-register)

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Herkwalificatie Klinisch Psycholoogtoegekend6 punten
Ned. ver. voor groepsdynamica en groepspsychotherapie (NVGP)in aanvraag
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie (NVvP)in aanvraag

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Dhr. H. Weinberg PhD (Haim) - docenten - 219645569

Haim Weinberg, PhD, is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist and group psychotherapist.

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Dhr. drs. B. van der Boom (Bram) - docenten - 1806501716

Bram van der Boom, MD, is a Dutch Psychiatrist who has extensive working experience in The Netherlands and Abroad.

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Dhr. drs. P. Steures (Pepijn) - docenten - 269459528

Pepijn Steures is a psychiatrist and he is a certified Group Psychotherapist (NVGP).

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