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Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET): An evidence-based & culturally universal intervention for Traumatic Stress Disorder - advanced

Learning Lab by Elisabeth Kaiser and Katy Robjant

1 day advanced online course 9:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Date to be announced as soon as possible
€ 590,-
Course offered in English


NET is a psychological intervention that has been developed to treat Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in both children and adults. NET is an empirically validated treatment for survivors of multiple traumatic events who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Given its focus on the autobiographical elaboration of traumatic experiences, NET is particularly suited for populations affected by multiple and continuous traumatic experiences, such as organized violence, torture, war, rape, and childhood abuse. NET has been developed as a standardized short-term approach. Field tests have shown that four to six 2h sessions can be sufficient to provide considerable relief and reinstate individual functioning, even for individuals who suffer from severe and chronic traumatization.

Advanced Learning Lab NET

The Learning Lab is a follow up of the fundamentals NET learning lab (www.rino.nl/1202) and will help you to master your NET treament skills. The Learning Lab will involve a combination of lectures, exercises, role plays and demonstrations, focused on the theoretical and practical skill training of the (future) trauma practitioner. Case studies will foster collective learning from real-life situations. A participatory, process-oriented approach, based on principles of adult learning will be followed. The workshop will create space for discussion and sharing of participants’ own experiences, ideas and knowledge.

Course objectives

  • Traumatic stress experiences
  • Trauma & memory; scientific fundamentals of effective trauma therapeutic treatments
  • How do survivors of trauma react – symptoms and interpersonal challenges
  • Presentation of the essential elements of effective trauma treatments
  • Care for patients subsequent to trauma therapeutic sessions
  • Self-care

Learning Labs

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Mw. E. Kaiser PhD (Elisabeth) - docenten - 298019744

Elisabeth is a Public Mental Health Professional specialised in the field of Psychotraumatology, Women & Children’s Health and Violence & Human Rights.

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Mw. dr. K. Robjant (Katy) - docenten - 320958753

Dr. Katy Robjant is a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in trauma spectrum disorders amongst asylum seekers, refugees and survivors of human trafficking and torture.

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