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Limit Setting: Working effectively with boundary violations

Learning Lab by David Bernstein and Limor Navot

1 day online course
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Course offered in English


Many therapists struggle to know how to respond when patients cross their boundaries. When patients attack, demean, or disrespect them, it can push therapists out of their comfort zones, leaving them feeling ineffective. From our work with forensic patients, who often cross boundaries, we have developed methods that therapists working in any setting can apply when boundary violations occur. These methods combine principles and practices from Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion. Our approach involves working in the here and now with patients’ emotional states, known as “schema modes.” We teach therapists how to recognize the modes that violate boundaries; “recruit their Healthy Adult mode” to manage their own emotional reactions when violations occur; and choose the proper intervention.

course objectives

In this online learning lab, we teach therapists from all backgrounds how to incorporate these methods into their practices. No prior knowledge of Schema Therapy is required. We also show how these methods can be successfully adapted to internet therapy. We take an experiential learning approach, where participants take part in “serious games” and exercises. Dr. Bernstein and Ms. Navot will demonstrate techniques, and participants will practice them in small groups in virtual “break out rooms.” They will get feedback from Dr. Bernstein, Ms. Navot, and a number of experienced co-trainers.

Before this experiential workshop you will receive a mode observation rating scale (iMos). This includes a small version of the mode images in black and white. After the learning lab you can order iModes with a discount of 15%. iModes is a tool that show schema modes in the form of cartoon-images (www.i-Modes.com). The iModes facilitate therapists’ ability to learn about modes and work with them.

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Dhr. dr. D.P. Bernstein (David) - docenten - 1148861711

Dr. David Bernstein is one of the leading innovators, educators, and researchers in Schema Therapy.

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Mw. L.  Navot MA (Limor) - docenten - 1874017507

Limor is a Psychologist with an MA in Clinical and Educational Child Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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