The impact of psychology in suicide prevention

intervening in crises and building hope in hopeless situations

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Each year nearly a million people commit suicide on a global scale according to the World Health Organization and for every completed suicide there are a hundred suicide attempts. This means that 100 million people and their loved ones are effected by suicide.


There are no simple explanations for suicide, suicide is multi-determined. Medicine, psychology and social sciences contribute to the comprehensive understanding of suicide. Although mental disorders are strongly associated with suicide, the majority of people who suffer from such disorders do not commit suicide. To understand suicide it is necessary to consider a suicidal person's life history and their context. Social values, public policies and a person's environment are also factors to consider in explaining of suicide.

goals masterclass

The goals of this Master Class are to review the current state of the art in suicide prevention, with a focus on techniques to build hope in seemingly hopeless situations, and to consider use of those techniques in clinical setting and specific situations. After a presentation on theory and research on suicide prevention, crisis intervention techniques and methods of building hope will be presented. Persons attending the workshop will then be invited to participate in group exercises and role plays, followed by discussions.

content masterclass

- Theoretical issues and research on best practices in suicide prevention
- Crisis intervention techniques and methods of building hope (including group exercises)
- Role plays of interventions & discussions

who should attend?

Licensed mental health care professionals (health psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists) and other professionals who have clinical contact with suicidal individuals.


We are proud to have prof. dr. Brian Mishara at our institute to deliver this masterclass. Brian Mishara is an Internationally renowned researcher in the field of suicidology, Brian Mishara has written many books on different topics, e.g. ageing and medication consumption as well as suicide and euthanasia.

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Professor Brian Mishara, renowned researcher in the field of suicidology (Canada)

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