How to mobilize the will!

Masterclass Deliberate Practice

€ 325,-

Inclusief lunch

Saturday March 28, 9.00 - 18.00 hr. in cooperation with VKDP - Vereniging voor Korte Dynamische Psychotherapie

RINO amsterdam | Leidseplein 5 | Amsterdam

Patients have been hurt in relationships. Yet they come to a relationship for healing. The very place they seek help is where they found harm. No wonder they don't want to do therapy! And no wonder dropout rates are as high as 50% in many psychotherapy studies. How can we help patients want to do what they don't want to do? How can we mobilize the patient's will to work in therapy? In this presentation, we will see videotapes of therapies where the therapist has to mobilize patients' will when they deny it is their will to do therapy, or where they claim other people want them to do therapy. And you will see how to work with these patients. The rest of the day we will practice during which you will not only learn theory but develop practical skills for mobilizing the will in reluctant patients. We will integrate theory, videotapes of sessions, skill building exercises, and discussion to help you leave the day more effective and more skilled.


Jon Frederickson, MSW is co-chair of the ISTDP Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry where he has been on the faculty since 1988. He was previously chair of the Supervision Training Program and the Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry as well as chair of their Faculty Clinical Council.

He is the founder of the ISTDP Institute

This workshop is a collaboration between the RINO amsterdam and the Vereniging voor Korte Dynamische Psychotherapie (VKDP)

VKDP-members receive a 10% discount for this masterclass

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