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Five shades of anger: the importance of intervention

Learning Lab by Limor Navot & David Bernstein

2 evenings online course
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Course offered in English

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Anger is one of the most challenging issues in the therapy relationship. When we face patients’ open anger or aggression, it can push us out of our comfort zones, triggering “fight, flight, or freeze” reactions. However, there are various forms of anger. Some anger manifestations are more overt, and some are hidden behind a “smiling face;” some are more productive, and some are destructive. How do we differentiate between them? Which intervention would be most effective for which type of anger? How do we intervene when anger poses a danger outside of the therapy relationship, as in situations of domestic violence?

course objectives

In this online learning lab, we provide a systematic framework based on Schema Therapy, teaching participants to intervene differently with different types of anger. Our model uses the concept of “modes,” emotional states which take over a person, dominating his thoughts, feelings, and behavior at a given moment. We use the mode concept to understand different forms of anger. How do they appear in the “here and now” interaction between therapist and patient? What is their function or purpose? How do they relate to patients’ basic emotional needs and vulnerabilities? Crucially, we help participants get in touch with their own emotional reactions in the face of patients’ anger. We teach them how to recruit the healthy side of themselves -- their “Healthy Adult” mode -- to restore balance, so that they can intervene effectively.

experiential and interactive

This learning lab is experiential and interactive, using a “learn by doing” approach that is lively, supportive, and enlightening. We will use demonstrations, case material, video, and small group exercises in “breakout rooms” to give hands-on experience with different techniques. The goal of the learning lab is to help therapists develop the competencies to work effectively with all of the forms of anger that they encounter.

iModes Observation Scale (iMOS)

We incorporate the iModes images into our exercises, which facilitate the ability to understand and work with modes. Participants will receive a copy of the iModes Observation Scale (iMOS), a rating scale that incorporates the iModes images, to use during the learning lab. Participants who also wish to purchase the iModes therapy tools may do so at a 20% discount before or after the learning lab. The learning lab will be in English.

Learning Labs

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Dhr. dr. D.P. Bernstein (David) - docenten - 745628209

Dr. David Bernstein is one of the leading innovators, educators, and researchers in Schema Therapy.

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Mw. L.  Navot MA (Limor) - docenten - 1782727425

Limor is a Psychologist with an MA in Clinical and Educational Child Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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