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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT): Online clinical practice - fundamentals

Learning Lab by dr. Patrick Luyten

3 day online course
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€ 885,-
Course taught in English


This online Learning Lab offers an introduction to the theoretical background of DIT and the application of the model in a clinical (online) practice, with as important topics the therapeutic attitude, working in a limited time, formulating a psychodynamic diagnosis and applying psychodynamic interventions to the personal situation.

ATTENTION: This training will be taught in Dutch

DIT was explicitly developed out of the Psychoanalytic/dynamic Competences Framework (Lemma et al., 2008) that provided the basis for the National Occupational Standards (NOS). It is consequently drawn from those psychoanalytic/dynamic approaches with the strongest empirical evidence for efficacy, based on the outcome of controlled trials. It is specifically designed to address presenting symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In the Netherlands, the model has been used for several years as time-limited treatments in various formats and target groups, such as clients with cluster C personality disorders (ambulatory, 40-session model; part-time and clinical) or with somatic misunderstandings (part-time). This Learning Lab is intended for registered psychologists and psychiatrists (and those who are in training) who want to get acquainted with the model. Those who actually want to gain experience with the model and who want to become certified as a DIT therapist needs to follow the advanced lab of one day as well and another supervision process (

Fundamentals Learning Lab DIT

The interactive Learning Lab helps to master the model on the basis of self-study, plenary lectures and practical exercises. The integration of acquired knowledge and skills from the training into clinical practice is enhanced by spreading the training days and the possibility to receive feedback on your personal competences.

After completing this learning lab you may enroll for the advanded DIT course ( after which you become a certified DIT practioner.

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Dhr. dr. P. Luyten (Patrick) - docenten - 809430961

Patrick Luyten, PhD, is Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven (University of Leuven), Belgium, and Professor at the Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, UCL (University College London), UK.

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