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Modified Interaction Guidance (MIG)

evidence-based intervention for attachment difficulties

27 Mrt 2021 - 27 Mrt 2021
(one-day online advanced workshop)
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The Modified Interaction Guidance uses the principles of the traditional Interaction Guidance to improve sensitive responsiveness and promote secure attachment, but also focuses on reducing and/or eliminating caregiver ‘atypical’ behaviours associated with disorganized attachment.

24 Mrt 2021 - 26 Mrt 2021
(3-day online workshop)

The WMCI and its two coding schemes can be used with caregivers from pregnancy to any child age.


assessment of atypical caregiver behaviors

22 Mrt 2021 - 23 Mrt 2021
(two-day Online course)

Research findings show that the role of caregivers as attachment figure may be the most influential role in predicting socio-emotional outcome for children.